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To Write Your Composition Placement Essay...

Students can take the proctored online exam.

Instructions for Taking CSU's Proctored Online Composition Placement/Challenge Exam

This is a timed exam. To ensure that you do not exceed the time limit, please review the detailed information about CSU’s Composition Placement/Challenge Procedures at before you sign in to the program.  Once you have completed registration with Software Secure (see instructions, below) and have signed in to take the online exam, you have 90 minutes to complete your Placement/Challenge essay.

Software Secure Support for Students:  Students should call 1-855-436-2039 or go to

Your total cost for the online exam will be $37.00Note that there are two charges associated with the proctored online Composition Placement/Challenge Exam:

1.      A $22.00 charge for processing and rating your exam essay.  This charge will be billed to your student account.

2.      A $15.00 charge will be paid to a proctoring provider (Software Secure), which ensures academic integrity for all who take the exam.  This charge should be paid with a Pay Pal account or a major credit card.

After reviewing relevant information at the Composition Placement/Challenge Exam website, follow these instructions to take the proctored online Composition Placement/Challenge Exam:

1.      Ensure that you have the required equipment and materials to take the online Placement/Challenge Exam:

         a. A computer with a web camera and a microphone.  (If you do not have a personal computer with these features, please see the list of computer labs which can accommodate your needs, below.)

         b. A picture ID (Driver’s License, Government-Issued ID, Passport, Military ID, or CSU Student ID).

         c. A major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card) or Pay Pal account to pay the $15.00 proctoring charge.

2.      Click on the link, “Students can take the proctored online exam,” in the dialog box at the top right.   

          a. You will be taken to Software Secure's Proctoring website where you will pay the $15 proctoring charge with your credit card or Pay Pal account.

          b. Software Secure will then determine if you have the appropriate equipment and will review your ID.

3.      You will then access the online Composition Placement/Challenge Exam page. 

          a. Complete the registration page.

          b. Follow instructions for writing your Placement/Challenge essay.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Russell, Composition Program Assistant, by email or call (970) 491-1898.